white gypsy

our journey with white gypsy brewery is ever changing and always exciting. we started with the design and development of a new brand identity for this much loved local craft beer, and the brand application to just one label. since then, the brewery has grown from strength to strength, and we have met the challenge of designing packaging for it’s core range of superb bottled and draught beers, as well as seasonal brews and exquisite vintage specials, brewed with expertise and fermented over two years. cheers to great working partnerships!

Project Deliverables

Research & Brand Strategy
Logo Design & Brand Identity
Label & Packaging Design
Marketing Materials
Event Banner Design
Promotional Merchandise Design
Responsive Website Development


White Gypsy’s Vintage Brews

in 2018 the brewery released its limited edition traditionally soured vintage stout which was two years in the making, alongside the scarlet aged saison made from 100% irish wheat and barley and aged in french and american oak.

the packaging designs for these two beers required the same love for quality and attention to detail that had gone in to the making. the beers are bottled in uniquely corked 375cl bottles, with oval labels reminiscent of old style stouts, embellished with foils and adorned with a new detailed illustration of the white gypsy horse.

The 70cl range

american pale ale, amber in colour, this is a dry, hoppy beer with some caramel flavour

russian imperial stout, plenty of malt character with low levels of carbonation and huge roasted chocolate and burnt malt flavours

german doppelbock, a strong, dark and malty beer, this liquid bread has a rich flavour that is dark and delicious, toffeeish with some sweetness

belgian dubbel, a rich malty beer with spicy characteristics and dark fruit aromas. A hint of caramel with slight hop bitterness for superb flavour.

our client says:

The ability of Designedly to turn our words into imagery and represent exactly what we feel here at White Gypsy, has finally given us a confidence in sales that now matches our ability in the brewery.

Cuilan Loughnane