celtic woman

Celtic Woman, a multi-platinum ensemble consisting of three female vocalists together with a dynamic Celtic Violinist, have toured all over the world and performed to audiences all over the globe. The Group embarked on their latest extensive North American tour in March 2018 and will no doubt take the world by storm, again. Our challenge over the past twelve years has been to create and evolve the Celtic Woman brand, keeping it fresh and continuing to make them recognisable across the globe. Celtic Woman perform to multicultural audiences worldwide so their brand needs to accommodate this. We have evolved the brand over the past ten years, and yet have remained true to the essence of Celtic Woman. Each new yearly production and tour has had a new image and theme. We have created CD & DVD artwork, programs, advertising, merchandise and livery design for various tours in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and even Asia, and have always stayed true to the quintessential Irishness and the essence of the group.