Dwell a While

We designed and developed the brand Identity for Thurles town in 2018, initiated by Tipperary County Council and which involved many stakeholders represented by the Thurles Town Forum – a group made up of business stakeholders (retail & service), sports representatives, Education campus’ and representatives of arts and culture in the town.

We facilitated discussion through workshops to determine the common interests of all parties and developed a brand which is now living and breathing, interacting with public and stakeholders alike to bring an informative, unified platform to all. We developed an online & social media strategy, created the website and rolled out print and digital collateral.

This pilot project was intended to support the creation and development of an ecosystem that comprises differentiated but potentially complementary operators in the creative multimedia sector. We delivered: Naming, Social Media Marketing, Literature, Signage, Advertising and a website for “Buzz Quarter”.

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